The values we follow in KONREM MET reflect our approach to work


  • we are focused on action
  • we react quickly
  • we are always available
  • we go the extra mile
  • we are flexible in adjusting to the customer’s approach and processes


  • each of our projects has a dedicated Implementation Supervisor overseeing the works
  • we always act in accordance with our work system aimed at maximizing customer support
  • we exceed expectations


  • we provide the highest quality services
  • we monitor the project implementation
  • we keep our promises


  • experience and competence of our employees ensure quality service
  • we share knowledge - we have an original knowledge transfer program guaranteeing the same level of competence - both for employees with many years of experience and those who take the first steps in the industry


  • we provide all documents in forms that are convenient to the customer
  • we are transparent and we follow clear rules of cooperation


  • we always meet our targets
  • you can rely on us